Wind energy

Supporting the investors in the wind power industry we offer a comprehensive environmental service starting with submitting an application for the environmental permit (including the Project Specification Sheet) to a complete Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed wind farm which will result in obtaining the environmental permit for the project .

To meet the diverse needs of customers at different stages of the environmental procedures we are able to perform selected analyzes which are usually provided in the Reports of the impact of wind turbines on the environment, such as:
acoustic analysis,
assessment of the impact on the landscape (2D and 3D visualization),
analysis of the visibility range of wind turbines,
analysis of the shadow flicker,
assessment of the impact of electromagnetic fields,
assessment of the impact of infrasounds.

Additional advisory services for investments related to wind power include:
Environmental due diligence (EDD),
Feasibility study,
public consultation.

We have experience in investments regarding individual wind turbines and groups consisting of more machines.